Merry Christmas

Onorare la terra mangiando un frutto, lasciare il seme come preziosa energia. Dipingere un pensiero tra elementi che ci rivedono crescere in simbiosi con un mondo che si cela attraverso le piccole cose.

Catania needs love

Mezzanine Living

“Buon Natale”

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Symbols, images, continuous reflections, moments that fluctuate over time, words thet open and words that close, breaths which meet in a heartbeat, amplifying the presence standing before the Door, in front of the panorama of all dimensions. Sounds without commas or full stops, absorbing the way ahead, predestined from the first breath of the note, at the achievement of their performance on a stage where everything is present, although not immediately visible, like a plant within a seed, like the life within a glance. I do not speak english, I speak with gestures. Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti "Conceptual art"
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